New year, new office!

Whether you’re moving into new premises or simply looking to refresh your existing office space, it doesn’t need to cost the earth.

Did you know that Halo can finance the cost of fixtures and fittings, furniture and even computers and telephone equipment? That modern, fresh environment is within reach. You could even receive funds the same day!

Financing your office refit with an asset finance solution has plenty of benefits:

1. Preserve cash in the business - paying for your fit out over time enables you to keep precious cash in the business for working capital: wages, cost of goods sold and expenses are still covered;
2. Flexible funding options – your finance arrangement can cover the total project cost without being overly prescriptive about the precise products being purchased;
3. Tax advantages – depending on the type of finance arrangement you can offset the expenses against Corporation Tax and even VAT liabilities
4. No additional security required – generally, as the finance is secured on the assets you are buying, no additional security is needed
5. No impact on credit lines – your existing loans and overdraft facilities remain unaffected
6. Flexible payments – you can usually pay monthly or quarterly over terms from 1 to 5 years
7. Easy upgrades – during the finance term, it’s easy to upgrade, add new equipment or settle the agreement at any point

What could an office fit-out do for you? Halo can finance almost anything for business purposes, including:

• Office fixtures and fittings
• Furniture
• Computers, laptops and tablets
• Mobile phones and fixed line telephone equipment
• Kitchen and food preparation areas
• Design
• Partitioning
• Doors and windows
• Electrics and data cabling
• Lighting
• Fire alarms and smoke detectors
• Ceilings and flooring
• Heating, ventilation and air conditioning

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  • The different asset finance solutions available to you
  • The difference between types of finance such as leases, hire purchase and commercial loans
  • Which type of finance may be best for your business based on your needs

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