The power of offering a finance option to your customers

Did you know that you could be offering your customers the ability to pay monthly for your products and services?

Letting your customer know that you can offer a monthly payment option a valuable tool in your sales process. Not only does it give your customer one less reason to say no, it makes the price less of an issue so that they can focus on the solution itself.

A finance package enables you to give your customer options. By setting out how they can pay at the very start of the process, you eliminate some concerns around having the capital available which can change the way your customer interacts with you, and even what they buy.

Help your customers manage their cash flow

Finance is a cost-effective way for your customer to use their capital. Minimising the payments on their new equipment or software allows them to invest in other areas of their business. They might have costs that can’t be funded elsewhere or during a period when cash flow is tight.

Finance solutions are offered in the retail world every day, and even by large companies selling to businesses. What most small and medium sized businesses don’t realise is that this option is open to their customers too. From traditional goods and services to software, almost anything is suitable for a finance arrangement and the value can start from just £1,000.

Halo can get funds released much quicker than a bank!

Consider that in cases where a customer has a business loan, overdraft or credit card they are already using a source of business finance! Yet by arranging that finance with their bank or other traditional lender, the finance arrangement process can take weeks - if not months.

Halo Corporate Finance works with a panel of over 60 lenders to enable the quickest turnaround in finance applications, we are even able to arrange funding the same day in many cases. This helps you get your money quicker, and enables the customer to get the products and services they need in the shortest possible time. We aim to make it easy so that your customers will return to you again and again.

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